Has anyone added a sleep supplement to offset ADHD meds? such as Guanfacine.. I'm thinking about talking to my psychiatrist about it




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  • wordydirds


    I take trazodone for sleep which definitely puts me to sleep despite being on Adderall, but I don't like its side effects. Cant seem to find a better substitute though

  • Carolshine


    I’m on trazodone. It worked for about three years, and now isn’t working for me any more. I usually wake up every three hours and can’t go back to sleep for a couple of hours after that. I’d say take your Adderall as early as possible, talk to your doctor like you said, and maybe implement a night time routine. Not sleeping has impacted my life in so many negative ways so I feel your pain. I truly hope that you find a way to sleep!

  • ms_drizzle


    Thanks for the advice!! I'm definitely going to look into/talk to my doctor about Trazadone

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