Do you ever get afraid that you can't tell what's real and what isn't?


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  • Dadpool


    All the time. I'm more towards the paranoid side and I'm constantly making up scenarios in my head and freaking out because I believe the scenarios.

  • Noeyes


    Yes. When I get like this I tend to go to my grounding methods. The first being simply taking a breath in knowing that is real. Letting go of the breath knowing my breath is what I call my home.

  • Dustmann


    Yeah. When that happens I get mindful and pay attention. If you pay attention sometimes you can spot the holes in a hallucination.

  • MrPicklez


    All the time. I don't even want to sleep anymore because I can't tell what world I'm in anymore. It's so scary and it throws me into a fit of anxiety and rage.

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