i’m currently taking duloxetine for my depression. recently my anxiety has been a lot worse, so i’m considering changing things up but also sticking with what i’m taking now. any recommendations for anxiety meds that work well with duloxetine?




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  • Jenni_Star


    I would ask if adding a mild or low dose of Sertraline (Zoloft) is something your body would benefit from

  • Solar_Eclipse


    I can’t take anything that massively affects serotonin, so currently I’m taking gabapentin throughout the day and clonidine in the morning and at night. My MHNP plans to change my gabapentin to another anti-seizure medication that manages anxiety that he prefers. My best advice is to be open to other medications that may not necessarily be designed for anti-anxiety/anti-depressant usage! ❤️❤️

  • hmmmm


    i'm on mirtazapine for my anxiety and i'm also on duloxetine! mirtazapine does have sedating properties though and i was so sleepy the first couple of days but was fine after that. my psychiatrist gave me that one to see if it would help with my insomnia too and it did for a bit but now it doesn't. but for the first week or two it will make you fall asleep soon after taking it.

  • froggiana


    i take wellbutrin which works for me. i also take hydroxyzine as needed. what sucks about meds is most of the time, whether it works depends on your specific brain. genetic testing can be helpful in figuring that stuff out

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