Has anyone tried holistic medicine? Have you asked your doctors to go off the meds?


Fibromyalgia (FM)



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  • Espyflame


    Blessed evening. I actually had pre-fibromyalgia and started taking CBD and change my diet by eating more whole foods. It's helped me so much. Hope this helps you. https://www.healthline.com/health/fibromyalgia-diet-to-ease-symptoms#energy-rich-foods

    • c__ynz


      thank you!💖 i’m really considering going holistic for my fibro i’m tired of the meds!

      • Espyflame


        yes you definitely should! If you need help just message me!

  • KJ_


    I never wanted to take pills daily. Gabapentin didn’t work. I could stomach any of the antidepressants they gave me (extreme nausea) I have been natural for about a year. It’s not easy, but the meds didn’t work for me anyways. I agree with the last commenter. I changed my whole diet. Now if I eat any fast food I get a flare up. It used to sound like bullshit, but I could feel it happen every time I ate junk. I buy an $8 bulk bag of frozen fruits + kale + spinach. I make a smoothie with ginger root every day. I also feel like this muscle relief magnesium spray works wonders (theraworx, but I get the off-brand) I add lavender and spray after every shower. CBD cream is an option , just keep in mind that I’ve tried many, and a lot of them add menthol/peppermint and it’s very intense. Like icy hot. I found a lavender one I can tolerate better.

  • Olawola


    I’m in the process of tapering off Pregabalin

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