I have felt connected to an entity for two years now. And it’s this relationship that has been evolving whenever I have an episode of psychosis. I’m not sure what in my mind/body is creating this or how to understand it. It feels spiritual but my rational mind wants to make it all this neurological imbalance


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  • Fennix


    I experience similar things. I get attached to beings often. The relationships only manifest when I'm having psychosis symptoms, and disappears when the psychosis fades. This leads me to assume the beings in questions are my mind's creations. I understand feeling like things are spiritual instead of neurological. I often flip between believing my symptoms are the result of a disorder and my experiences are the result of spiritual awakening. Because of this, I tend to go along with whatever is happening unless it begins to distress me or disrupt my life. It's a difficult split to deal with.

  • Sir


    Do you believe in angels?

  • Gunkymane


    Respect the hallucinations. Don’t believe or invest in them

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