Hello. I have been struggling with tinnitus and insomnia for about 2 years now. Been to all of the Dr and tests have been done, but still have no relief from my symptoms. I have been suicidal and am completely exhausted from these two issues. if anyone has anything to say or advice to offer I am more than happy to listen or lend an ear to anyone that is experiencing the same.


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  • usaporkchops


    At the risk of sounding redundant: Have you had your ears irrigated to clean out the earwax? I had pulsing tinnitus and I thought one of my ears had permanent hearing loss. I went to the doctor, they looked in my ears, and there was a ton of wax buildup. After it was gone they saw I had an ear infection. After all that wax was gone there was instant improvement of my hearing and the pulsing tinnitus was gone. As for sleep, I use Trazadone 50 mg along with Melatonin, Vitamin B6, and B3 (Niacin). Trazadone is a prescription drug but the rest are supplements.

    • WTF9595


      thanks for the reply. I have had my ears checked by two different ENT and vestibular audiologists. My ears look good to both.

      • YeYo82


        Hello. I have tinnitus since 4 years ago. I haven't try anything. I went to my ENT. Hearing test and check up went fine, he told me probably is my jaw ๐Ÿ˜’

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