As a new mom my mental health seriously declined after having our son and going back to school. then in a manic state I decided to start online school that I can't back out of cause I'm a flippin genius and thought I was wonder woman and can do it all 🤦🏼‍♀️ I have found little things that help that I hope can help someone else, even if your not a parent. this one is for parents but I shower with my baby, I bought a fancy seat for him so he sits and plays while I shower then I can wash him up. I can proudly say I get to shower every night and get special bonding time with him cause he loves bath time before bed. I also don't fold laundry anymore (except my scrubs and jeans cause those get obnoxiously wrinkley). everything else gets literally thrown in a drawer or hung up. no more spending an hour folding laundry! I actually managed to wash, dry and put a majority of the laundry away in the same day. hopefully this helps! what little things do you do that help make life easier?

Bipolar Disorder

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