I'm really interested in trying cannabis to help with medical conditions. Does anyone have experience with it or where to even start?

Attention-Deficit Disorder


Generalized pain

Herbal Remedies

Cannabis (Marijuana) • Type: Oral

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

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  • JXARabbit


    What state do you live in? And what are you most curious about?

    • Shantastic


      I live in the UK, and the best way to have/take it.

      • JXARabbit


        there are smoke free ways like edibles and tincture oils that can be as effective as smoking but of course there is smoking too. So it comes down to preferences

  • KayCeeBee


    It really helps me. Everyone is different and I am not a medical expert, but I don’t have to take my sleeping meds anymore and I’m going to talk to my doctor about reducing my anxiety meds

  • Sara_Alexandra


    I’ll be honest I haven’t been able to run since my MS diagnosis but I basically turn into Usain Bolt when I smoke. It also helps with pain, sleep & brain fog. One downside is I wake up in pain but that’s because of the shit I do the day before🥲

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