I hate having t1d it sucks and I don’t wanna be at1d anymore

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Diabetes Type 1 (T1D)

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  • mj2403


    I totally understand how you feel. I'm still doing injections everytime I eat because of a bad endocrinologist. Most of the time I don't do medicine because of the hate of being diabetic

    • janah


      that is me too

    • eastcoastcali


      my doctor has me prescribed a base of 7 units plus the sliding scale before every meal, if I was still doing this I would probably be dead, I can eat multiple times a day and I'm still having multiple low glucose events, rn I take fast acting insulin only one unit at a time and only after it's gotten over 200 and this seems to be working for me, the 7 units would have me dropping down to the thirties no matter what I ate

  • janah


    Me too boo it is the worse thing in my life

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