Do you ever get so much anxiety from calling off of work despite the fact you truly are in serious pain?

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  • Zhuzhu_puffs


    Sometimes I get a little nervous to call out as well. However here’s another way to think about it. When you push yourself through the call you’re setting up the most ideal path . Admitting that there’s no need to feel Irresponsible or guilty is a big power move ( self care is more important than a day or profit ) . I can promise you that you will not be letting anyone down by calling out. And I’m proud that you’re taking care of you.

  • Pfeiffer


    Yes, I feel so guilty leaving my work short staffed that I will not call in.

  • wise


    I stopped feeling bad for calling out of work or school forever ago. While individual coworkers or managers may worry, the company you work for doesn't care about you, they only care about the work you can do for them. If you can't do the work, someone else can. It doesn't matter why you can't do it, just that you can't. You won't be able to function at work the same way a coworker with the flu can't. It's not your fault, it just happens sometimes. Would you be mad about having to do a little extra work because a coworker called in sick? Or would you rather they stay home until they're feeling better? I'm willing to bet your immediate coworkers are just hoping you feel better soon. If the company isn't okay with you taking sick days, it's not a company you want to work for (and possibly a company you CAN'T work for, depending on your symptoms and how often you have flare-ups)

  • Medically_Challenged


    Not anxiety but I do feel guilty. Doesn’t stop me from doing it though I really don’t have a choice.

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