y'all I don't know what to do. my bipolar meds are working great! I had the desire to get up and clean and maybe even do some packing since I have to move in two weeks... I decided to hand wash a comforter to start with. I'm pretty sure that's where I messed up. my back and hips are screaming at me, my legs threatened straight up collapse, and I'm down for the count. I can barely move. I took all the proper doses of pills before I even started... my body still won't do it. this is not what I want! I want to clean my apartment!

Joint Stiffness

Fibromyalgia (FM)

Acute muscle weakness


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  • faerywyrm


    It's easy to overdo with fibromyalgia. When you feel good, you want to get a lot done. Then you jump right in without pacing yourself. I do it all the time. Rest is the key to feeling better. Try lying down for a few hours before going back at it. Sending good thoughts 🙏 your way.

    • Hatchytt


      I'm nearly 13 years in... I didn't expect it to be that bad right out of the gate. Like, I used to get an hour before I started hurting, much less get to the point of "sit down or fall down"...

  • Bird68



  • faerywyrm


    😥it can progress over time, sometimes rapidly.

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