Do any other neurodivergent people get insane chills all the time (in a good way?) I'm wondering if my ADHD is the reason I have explosive chills when I listen to music, look at art, or learn about things that I love, or if that's just something that happens to everyone. Regardless, it's one of my favorite things about being alive--I feel like I experience pain deeply but pleasure deeply, too, and if I can tap into those things that give me chills while avoiding the things that bring me pain, I think I could start to lead a pretty great existence. Thoughts?

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  • Hansjj


    This kinda happens to me too sometimes

  • wrenindoubt


    Same with me!

  • chiken


    Like when it's slightly cold randomly and aggressively shiver?

    • healthissues


      It's kind of like someone dropped an egg yolk down my neck but on the inside hahahaha

  • shortlife


    I have adhd and I get them all the time I'm glad its not just me

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