I’ve been dating my FP for five months now, and it’s so far been one of my healthiest relationships. However, this summer I’m planning on moving away. Long distance relationships kill my BPD anxiety, as my intrusive thoughts take over. Though, the time we’ll be apart is temporary, my brain won’t stop telling me I need to break up with them before I lose them. Does anyone have advice or can relate?

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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    Just know that you don’t have to cave to the pressure of breaking up just because you’re moving away. People do long distance frequently, and I don’t see this temporary change being an issue. However, I definitely know how you feel as a fellow overthinker to the max. The only thing that will give you comfort is open and honest communication with your significant other and getting that confirmation that you both are on the same page ❤️

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