Was dx with T.T.P in 2014, by God's grace i was hospitalized For something unrelated when it surfaced. My platelets were 10,000.
They did not expect me to survive. I believe I had 17 plasma farissa's treatments It's never resurfaced II get my blood checked about every 6 months my question is is is this something that stays in remission and could come back or is it once they get it in remission it never comes back I don't know a whole lot about it

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  • Raina.8


    Hey, I’m not too sure myself, this may be a question a doctor could answer, I know that’s probably not the answer your looking for but they might be able to give you better ideas

  • ReginaPhalangi


    I have Evans Syndrome ( ITP & Hemolytic Anemia). Both in remission at the moment . However, the ITP has recurred after being in remission for over a year. At one point I couldn't maintain even 1000 platelets. Just watch for signs, but don't freak out. It may never recur. And stay away from immune boosting supplements.

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