I still have such a hard time smelling things. Does anyone else get phantom scents? Sometimes I randomly smell garbage or something burning. And coffee and coca-cola taste like DIRT. I had Covid in November 2020 and I still feel the symptoms and it SUCKS.


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  • Nebhuskergal


    Yes it’s been almost two years and I Just had it again though it wasn’t as severe as first round. I get sores in my nose ever since I had it, and I noticed that I get sinus issues often and the smell actually came from the infection in my mucus.. sorry that sounds awful but it actually was that. But I noticed that certain smells also are awful and others I still can’t smell.

  • Zoey_Val


    I sometimes smell cigarette smoke or like a bonfire smell in my home when no one around me smokes. It only lasts a few minutes each time but I have definitely noticed it. I can definitely relate I had Covid in august 2020 and battled long Covid since then and again in January 2022. 😥 🙏

  • MissAl


    I just hit a year out (covid pos Feb ‘21) and I still have these issues as well!! You’re not alone in it. I also still have that fullness/can’t eat/don’t want to feeling too. Food pretty much sucks still. I wish they had answers for us!

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