Right now, I am struggling so much with daily activities... I've been stress eating again and just been indulging in sweet and unhealthy foods and drinks. It's been making me so tired as well.
I'm struggling to even go to my college classes. I was doing pretty good in March but now... I'm just failing everything and I only have 3-4 weeks left. I am so disappointed and upset with myself. I want to finish up and get my grades back up but yet my body doesn't want to do anything. I just want to stay in my bed all day. I'm too tired to do anything anymore, and it frustrates me. I am also so very exhausted... I wish I knew what to do at this point because I feel as though it's not getting better..

Chronic Irritability and Anger


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  • allie.the.spoonie


    i relate to much of this. i wish i could offer advice, but the most i have is saying you’re not alone

  • loveshespoke


    I think the most important step is accepting that you may not succeed to the degree you had counted on this semester, and know that is genuinely and totally okay. Give yourself that permission. Then focus on what you CAN manage. Are you drinking enough water? Taking your meds in a timely fashion? Using the resources you have? Give yourself a full day in bed guilt-free and then see what happens. If you need more, grant yourself that. If you have it in you after a day or a weekend, get back to work, because it's clearly important to you. And try to stay hydrated, get some nourishment, see the sun once in a while, and care for yourself how you can. I promise, the rest will sort itself out.

  • Sylver


    Somehow you have to change what you're thinking!!, music, go sit outside somewhere I understand completely I have been frozen in bed a lot during my life but I was told if you don't like what you're feeling to change what you thinking it does take effort but your worth it!

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