How can I get a proper diagnosis? I currently have two boils that I've had for months that I can feel how deep they go into my skin and when I squeeze them, I can feel the stuff coming out. I get these boils on my inner thighs and groin area often and have one in my left armpit as well right now. Any advice?

Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS)

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  • Soskae


    A dermatologist will be the one who can give you an hs diagnosis. It’s weird because hs seems to fit into so many specialties but a dermatologist can help you the most. Best of luck!

  • molly_f


    A dermatologist can give you a diagnosis. However, not all dermatologists treat it or really know what it is. I saw 3 different dermatologists before finally getting my diagnosis.

  • nurse


    Before you go to any derm make sure you look them up to see if they treat HS. Not all derms specialize OK the same things... It's worth it to check before wasting your time.

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