Anybody else get a cold/flu/even Covid during their period? This has happened 4/6 of my last periods and I’ve ruled out anything else I can think of. Could my hormones affect my immune system? I have periods only every 2-3 months and they’re very long (11-17 days) due to my PCOS. I’m just at a loss. I’ve been dealing with this for over a year and every doctor I go to just refers me out 😭 any advice appreciated.

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  • paigeboleman


    I get it feels like a really bad sinus infection every period, it sucks, and the doctors always tell me there’s no infection. I don’t have any answers about why it happens, but I’m in the same boat

    • Happyfeet007


      I’ve tested positive for Covid 3 times, always on my period, I’m paranoid about masks and hardly go anywhere and I’m thinking I have it again now 😭 so definitely have virus for me. It sucks that you’re going through these symptoms too, it’s so hard!

      • paigeboleman


        that’s absolutely crazy that it coincides with your period. I really hope you figure out why this is going on 💕 💕

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