I have been NED for 4 yrs . For those who are NED do you feel like it will always return ?

Neuroendocrine (Carcinoid) Tumors

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  • MTB1960


    4 years NED nice where was yours and what was your stage/type ?

  • Billzgurl


    Atypical in lung . I had a upper lobe removed and 2 wedge resections . It was like um maybe moderatly defined. I was dx in 2016 and last surgery was 2018 . That are watching some nodules in my lower left lobe but after 4 yrs not much size increase.

    • MTB1960


      that’s good news ! Well the watching part !

    • MTB1960


      how do you handle the scans? I’m very claustrophobic !!! Also how do the doc or maybe it’s the pathologist know that it’s the primary they took out ?

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