My parents have been trying to shove their ways down my throat and it pissing me off. I told them I don't believe in God the same way they do and they go "oh well that's heartbreaking I'm going to take all your privileges" like it will make me do what they want but the last time I checked I had no puppet strings attached plus it impossible to blackmail someone who just doesn't give a flying fuck. I have nothing left to lose other than my life so if they wanna take something way from me they're going to have to kill me.


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  • Bubbleskyy


    My parents were/are the same way. I had my phone taken away for years. I wasn't allowed to see my friends, etc etc. Please don't fold and be how they want you to be. Be yourself and if they can't accept that then keep them at a distance when you're able to. They'll regret it

  • kittenintheyarn


    I don't know your whole story, but I have seen two types of situations where people described things this way. In one, the parents are religious extremists and are abusive. In these cases, the upset is justified, but the bitterness and despair eating you up is still harming you. In the other, the parents are more or less "normal" people and the child is wanting to be/do something unhealthy, such as joining a Satanist group, going back to the old ways to follow Molech (a God who required the sacrifice of children), etc. In these cases, the child really needs to reconsider their ways and ideas if they ever want to be happy and/or productive members of society. In both cases, sometimes "you gotta know when to hold 'em". What that means is sometimes you don't need to reveal everything you're thinking and feeling to your parents. If they are going to take away your privileges because you tell them something, just DON'T tell them. If you still truly feel the way you feel now once you're away from them and it doesn't require you to harm yourself or others, go live the way you want to then, but don't cause yourself added misery on the principal of the matter, because you don't stand to gain ANYTHING by being stubborn and speaking your mind in this situation (your parents aren't going to be more accepting if you tough it out in this case and you probably stand to lose a lot more dignity than you realize). When I say you may still have more dignity to lose than you realize (maybe not, though) ask yourself these questions: AM I being physically tortured by military definitions? Am I being pimped out or raped? Am I being called names? Publicly shamed? Starved, beaten, and subjected to sensory deprivation? Branded with a literal brand?

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