I've been having... probably the worst time of my life since moving in with my mother. she's .. debatably a good caretaker. she's a good person but tends to have the mindset of "you can't possibly have that many disabilities" (even though she's friends with my aunt who has too many disabilities for me to count). I feel like I can't even go to her for these things which leaves me almost all alone.

going through disabled life is hard enough. going through trans life- especially in a red state- is hard enough... but to do that with such a small support system?? to have your support system not even in the same house as you? it feels... almost hopeless sometimes.

for a bit of context: I recently found out that I won't be eligible for HRT until I at least have a diagnosis/ explanation for my seizures. if anyone knows how hard it is to get diagnosed with damn near anything these days, it's disabled people. I know it's gonna be a while before I get what I need. when I say I need hormone therapy I mean it. my dysphoria is crippling some days and it prevents me from doing a lot of things. the stress I get from it has caused delusions, hallucinations, and even seizures themselves. I can't escape this hell and doctors don't want to help me get out of it



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  • Birbin


    Hi! Trans and dissociative. I’ve been diagnosed with PNES/FND as a result of my seizures. It’s common enough among dissociative people, and it doesn’t show up on an EEG. In essences, the seizures are more or less intense dissociative states based on the understanding I got from my therapist. Best of luck with your journey.

    • wyvernprince


      thank you... I'll definitely bring it up with my neuro next month. Getting an appointment is extremely hard where I live but I'm trying to just stick it out. Honestly... I'm starting to suspect MS since like three people on my dad's side have it and it can cause nonepileptic seizures

  • t4t


    Blood-loss related seizures and temporary blindness has made getting bloodwork done for HRT purposes difficult for me as well. I really hope you experience kind and competent healthcare on this journey. That’s so hard. I hear that your relationship to your mom is not all bad but no one deserves to feel too complicated. I hope she grows to be more understanding.

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