My chronic migraines are so bad to where i’m having a hard time navigating every day life. I get a headache or migraine almost every day and it feels like nothing helps them. In the moment of migraine, i turn the lights off, turn all sound off, use an ice pack/ heating pad, etc. I do everything i can but they don’t go away and i don’t know how to live with it. Any tips on how to better manage life with migraines would be nice.




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  • greybunny


    Also note,, i am currently in therapy for migraines and have been on and off talking to my doctor but i never seem to get anywhere. I’m not sure what my next steps should be

  • UnluckyUnicorn


    Have you kept a diary to track for triggers? Certain foods/smells/lights etc can trigger migraines or make them worse. Massages could be helpful if you get tension in your neck and shoulders. Medications can help but they’re touch and go plus side effects. Ginger is good. Just do your best, honestly. If you they get so bad alls you can do is be in a dark, quiet room then honour that. If you feel like you can do things while in it then go for it but be mindful of your limitations. If you have help or someone that could, ask for it. It can be very discouraging but you are not alone! And even if you do everything right and still get migraines, that’s not your fault. You can only do what you can do.

  • MayMay


    Definitely track triggers! I noticed mine are from when I'm dehydrated and when when my neck and shoulders get tense.

  • Snapcracklepop


    I was put on propranolol to help prevent migraines and it greatly reduced the frequency of them (daily to once or twice a week). Obviously migraines have many different causes and triggers but it’s a suggestion :)

  • SpacePunk


    I hated chiropractors but I went to see one that specialized in migraines and it relieved it somewhat. I was told to track headaches every night and write down 1-10 on the pain scale with details where exactly it hurt so it was very specific for the doctor. It seems I always have an ice pack on my head it definitely helps for me!

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