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Hello everyone. I recently, back in March, lost my ability to afford the only medication that gave me my life back from the migraines that have plagued me since I was 6 years old. 💔 I've been noticing that the more time that passes, the worse my migraines have been building back up to. I've cut a lot of foods out of my diet that were huge loves for me (aged foods such as cheddar cheese and pickles being the two huge losses to my foodie heart). I've also been trying to do my best to avoid other triggers, such as prolonged direct sunlight when outside, to the point of sunglasses and an umbrellato shade myself even when I'm in the pool with my little one. Some days, the pain just takes over and I feel so angry, frustrated, and get so easily irritated with everyone around me through no fault of their own. It's like migraine is this demon in my head that takes over my life, and it's so hard to see the light with such a neverending tunnel of pain... Knowing this, does anyone have any suggestions or tips that might help keep the demon at bay? I take my medications from my neurologist, I use over the counter pain meds when those don't work, i work on keeping hydrated and trying not to over heat or be directly in the sun, but I don't want to constantly be in pain. It's not fair for me, but it's also not fair to my kiddo whodoesnt understand who mom is sick all the time now.

    • WhistleWhileYouWait


      No suggestions but I definitely understand. I also cut off the medicine I felt was giving my life back bc it got too expensive. I did okay for about a month but now all the headaches are back. Started having daily headache again and now this past week a migraine cluster. I too feel overwhelmed and angry. Just this morning I had to explain the thing to the guy I have been talking to. He kind and understanding but I could tell he couldn't grasp the depth of the problem. How all encompassing it is. Chronic illness can be very lonely and it puts up these awful barriers to understanding.

    • Risha_Risha


      I'm so sorry to hear that you are going through this pain. Sometimes I have migraine and nothing helps me. No medications. I know what you are going through. My neurologist told me to buy a heating pad for the neck and use it every day to prevent migraines, maybe it can help you too. I started to realize that it works.

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