Just a question, and no I don’t take any recreational drugs. But do you ever just get so overwhelmed or anxious or stressed that you feel like things are crawling on you? And if so how do you get that to go away?

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  • MsManders


    I do. The only thing I've found to have helped is thc unfortunately

    • Prinsess_Sofia


      yea that’s not an option for me

    • BunnyBoo00


      have to second this. i’ve looked up many solutions to it and tried many but the only thing that really helps is thc 🙂

  • WhiteFlamingo


    Sometimes, but it's a very minor issue for me. Usually when I get overwhelmed or anxious, various muscles go numb. Whatever it is, it helps me to take slow breaths and drink water. I try to be somewhere in solitude because I get more overwhelmed if I'm in the open. I try to calm my thoughts, too - usually only possible if I focus on my breathing. (I've never taken thc.)

  • sleepyhippo


    Yes! Sometimes I get anxious and feel like there are bugs crawling all over me. A nice hot shower or bath helps get rid of the feeling but sometimes it takes a while and I end up using all the hot water lol If it's really bad I do a shower and melatonin and go to bed early because when it's really bad the most relief is when I'm sleeping.

  • mysticalmaelstrom


    Yes. I try not to give it attention (after I realize that's what's happening of course) then focus on calming my anxiety/ nervous system. Baths are nice, so are weighted blankets

  • Green_Goblin


    I can 100% relate. I seriously hate the feeling, what I have found to help me when this happens is to literally rub the places that I feel it. Doing the action, as if rubbing a bug off of my shoulder, it immensely helps me ease the feeling and the thought of anything on me.

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