Hi everyone,
I want to extend my knowledge as a licensed massage therapist to help anyone wanting to do more stretching or pain relieving "exercises". If have any questions, please let me know!

Fibromyalgia (FM)

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  • SJP


    Hi! I would definitely love to pick your mind for stretches that help with pain, especially in the hips and shoulders. I have to be careful of subluxation of my joints, so ideally something sensitive to this. An example of a completely safe stretch for me is the sciatica stretch. Other than that, I'm searching! 😊

  • qveenofthecastles


    Thank you for your comment! For your hips, I would start with targeting your Psoas muscle. To do this, lay on the edge of your bed, drop your leg and bring your lower leg up & grab your ankle. For your shoulder, start with a simple laying stretch. Grab a yoga mat and lay on your stomach. Put put one arm out to the side and slowly turn til you are laying on your side. This stretches your pecs! If you've done these or you don't like them, pm me and I'll give you more options 😊

  • Lyndsey


    I’m going to try this! I’ve been reading about the psoas muscle, and it keeps popping up in things I look at, so I’ll take that as a sign to work on it Thank you

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