okay I really need to rant... My body is killing itself. Like almost literally. Once one medical issue is finally going away a new one comes up. All within one year I was diagnosed with PNES, Amps, Scoliosis, Panic disorders, Depression, Anxiety disorders, a type of muscular dystrophy and other small things. My muscles are poisoning themselves with lactic acid build up, and I'm getting stiffer every day. I just need a break. I always just want to give up. Now I'm not suicidal because I'm afraid of death and self inflicted injuries. So no one worries about that. But some days I just want to sit in my bathroom floor, go limp, and stay there forever. I hardly feel hunger anymore so I can go days without eating as well. I used to be so active and these past few years just threw shit at the fan. Now as I was getting my mobility better, I got in a car crash so now I'm back to ground 0. I am a dance teacher. How am I supposed to do what I love and have been doing for 16 years with my condition worsening. I go to therapy, physical therapy, message therapy, and a chiropractor. Yoga hurts and I have to walk on campus 5 days a week and teach 4 nights. I want to give up so badly. I am alone in this battle because no one understands what exactly I'm going through. I mean doctors have litteraly told me they have no clue on what to do. Doctors! like it's their job to find an answer... I want to give up..


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  • Vidya


    Im so sorry. If you want someone to talk with,. Let me know. Maybe we can help each other

  • BonnBonn


    I’m so sorry you’re going through all that

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