i hate how forgetful my adhd makes me. i just completely missed a due date for a relatively pretty important thing for the second year in a row. the thing doesn’t allow late responses at all, and even if it did, i’m over a few weeks late.. i feel so stupid. my parent is mad at me and i’m mad at myself. i always forget.

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • Shantibanchee


    Hey my love. Plz don't be too hard on yourself..I play lacrosse and I'm always forgetting things like xertain drills and such and always feel so stupid when my coach tells me to come out..the important thing is you don't let it get to you..you tried ur best..try again and again and so long as you're doing that you'll never be a loser or stupid.

  • Mossyrock


    I feel this so hard—for me, even little things like forgetting my water bottle sends me into this spiral of intrusive thoughts. It can get bad enough to throw off my whole day sometimes. But the more you feed into Them the more upsetting they get, so naming them as not useful/intrusive/upsetting in my head has helped me begin to move on faster

  • souljiaboy


    i definitely feel this, i always forget things, big and small. sometimes i write down stuff i think ill need later in my notes app and it helps a lot

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