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  • chimmie


    It has ebbed and flowed throughout my whole life. I’m in my mid twenties, and have had psoriasis since kindergarten (or maybe even earlier). There have been years when it’s been mild and easily manageable, and years where no matter what I do I am always covered in itchy, painful, dry, scaly patches. Since 2019 I’ve been using the biologic Tremfya and it’s worked wonders! For a year and a half my skin was totally clear. I have a few small patches now but it’s nothing like it’s been at other points in my life.

  • bimbo


    Has come and gone up and down sometimes I have it on elbows sometimes no and sometimes lots of dandruff other times no

  • KiwiFox


    It has. It's a bit moody. It will sometimes get worst out of nowhere it feels like. I'm thankful that there has been more treatments available than a few years ago, when I first found out I had Psoriasis.

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