hi everyone! whenever I experience sleep paralysis, I typically have a dream to go along with it. well less of a dream and more of a nightmare. I can 100% remember everything that happened in all of my dreams but can never move until I close my eyes again. I have also had one episode that I was unaware of until my partner told me about it the next day. that was the one and only time I didn't have a dream to go along with it. does anyone else have dreams/nightmares during their episodes?

Recurrent Isolated Sleep Paralysis

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  • selky


    ive had very vivid nightmares most nights like my entire life and idk why but ive also always been able to feel my body laying there on my bed during them and from what i've explained and like researched it seems to be sleep paralysis, and it only happens when im asleep or dreaming, and now it happens so often that i dont even actually feel really scared? if that makes sense?

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