Any other women feeling like their pelvic area is popping and that their insides are being ripped out? Dr's have ruled out so much but I'm stuck in pain with no answers

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  • googolplex


    Yup. Ended up having a laparoscopy to look for endometriosis. Then got diagnosed with Crohns 🥴 It sucks because there's so much that abdominal pain could be. Took me years to get a diagnosis so don't stop fighting!!

    • AiresApril


      may I ask, how to go about bringing up crohns to my pcp?

  • googolplex


    I started off by telling my PCP my symptoms. They ordered basic labs and other labs to check for inflammation. I would just advocate for yourself and ask if bloodwork could be done and go from there. A CT or MRI is a good place to start too to look for inflammation in your abdominal area. I hope you find relief!!

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