I used to have bad anxiety attacks (super fidgety, shaky, rapid breathing, looking around a lot, can’t talk) when I got sensory overload but recently I noticed I just… Space out?

Is this a good coping strategy? I think I do prefer it over the anxiety attacks but I also think people get annoyed that I am not listening closely. I just start zoning out, feeling dream-like almost, like I’m not even there to avoid feeling so overwhelmed.

Sensory Processing Disorder

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • beautifulDisasterxo


    I go into sensory overload and everything around me gets to be to much ! Sounds, people moving, talking ect. Then I shut down and space out , cry or get extremely frustrated!

    • beautifulDisasterxo


      I know that but it's 24/7!!!

  • DitsyDiabetic


    It’s called dissociation…. I get it too. If you need to talk you can inbox me 💜

  • 4byfour


    My uncle named me ‘space cadet’ for this very reason ❤️ I’m trying to work on being grounded and present now-a-days, because I became disassociated all day everyday. Remember that your mind needs defaulted though every once in a while. After a while I started going crazy 😜 . So long as you come back to earth you’re fine I think

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