do meds not seem to work for anyone else? literally nothing helps me except for morphine & obviously that’s not good & i can’t take morphine all the time. i’ve tried like every medication possible & weed included. i’ve also tried heating pads and ice packs. i’m really struggling to even function at all in my daily life. anyone have any suggestions?

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  • AtticusFinn


    Gabapentin is literally the only medication that helps me. Have you tried it? If you have, I'm sorry that's all the advice I can give. 😔 You can always message me if you need someone to talk to, though. 😊

  • whitephantom


    Diazepam gives me some relief, but not enough. I'll take a little over none though.

  • Tx_Aries_Mama96


    Yes I have the same problem 😟

  • Freszhik


    What about an epidural? I got 2 and it helped me ^.^

  • Jewels18


    I found it wasn’t until I was on a strong combination of drugs multiple times per day that I found relief. I was on 600mg Gabapentin, 20mg baclofen, 500mg naproxen, 5mg flexeril in the morning then 300mg gabapentin, 20mg baclofen, 500mg naproxen and 5mg flexeril in the afternoon and at night. My doc explained to me that we were going to attack my pain from all aspects; muscularly, inflammatory and nerve. There was a time I was also on nortripyline in addition to all of that but I got side effects from it so I had to stop but it did help. Also recommend having the surgery for it if you can. It’s not worth killing your organs and loose quality of life. Feel free to message me!

  • HisIrishBabyGirl


    I'm only allowed to take Tylenol and that's like popping TikTaks

  • grammyto4


    Have you looked into a pain pump? I have one implanted in my side and it gives me morphine throughout the day without the side effects that orals give me.

  • Crazyparrotmama


    I’m aware this an old post but relate to this did you ever find a solution

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