I was previously anorexic when I was younger. I have since gotten married and because I am in a better place physically and mentally I have gained wait. I would love to lose weight, but anytime I try to "diet" I can feel myself very quickly slipping into old eating disordered habits. anyone have any advice on how to lose weight without it triggering your eating disorder?

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  • j_Bug


    I think the place to start is to look at why you want to lose weight- is it to be healthier? then maybe it's more productive to focus on adding healthy foods and movement rather than taking away unhealthy habits. is it just an appearance thing? maybe there are other aspects of your appearance you can change instead. personally, I was really bummed that a lot of my clothes don't fit anymore, but since I've started buying more clothes that fit me better I feel much less pressure to lose weight. listening to fat body positive/neutral activists has helped me realize that wanting to lose weight just because you don't want to be fat isn't healthy, no matter how you frame it.

    • dottiemarie


      this is super helpful. I was just thinking today about how I "need" to lose weight and then I asked myself "why". I think my intentions are still rooted in disordered eating and poor/negative body image, so until I can change that I'm not worrying about my food intake.

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