Hey my name's Natalie I'm 24 and for years have been told it's anxiety. I have 4 kids ages 7-6months. I finally have taken myself to cardiologist after being ignored. I am always having a high heart rate even when sitting down. I constantly feel fatigue and dizzy it's gotten worse within the past 4months. Anyone have advice or any information to share with me please feel free to talk.

Chronic Tachycardia




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  • Rowboat


    My doctor prescribed me Metoprolol and that helped so much. Try to stay hydrated and upkeep your sodium intake. Daily walks. Compression socks. Sitting down any time your heart rate is too high from simple tasks (ex: showering, making dinner, dishes, self care). These are some things that have helped me.

  • BinoVert


    I take propranolol twice a day to keep my rate between 110 and 120 at rest. I have always had this since I was young. My husband's heart rate goes up with his anxiety but for me that's not the case. Without meds I could be sitting with 145 to 150 for no reason or rhyme. If it is anxiety, thinking about the here and now or the five steps to calming yourself may help bring the bp down. (Sit quietly. Look around you or close you eyes and breathe while doing these steps: 5 things that are visually appealing to you 4 things you can physically feel 3 things you can or like to hear 2 things you can or like to smell 1 thing you can or like to taste) I hope this helps you.

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