Does anyone here with fibromyalgia have painful bumps under their skin on certain parts of their body? I went to a dr he says I had bumps under my skin and that’s why I have such bad pain only underneath my skin everywhere. I can feel the bumps when I touch my skin. Sometimes I feel it may not be fibromyalgia because I have no sleeping problems and no muscle pain.

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  • Flow


    Are you talking about trigger points/muscle knots?

  • Bornasurvivor


    No. They are not on my muscles. More like under my skin where the bones are or tissue.

  • Flow


    Have you been to a rheumatologist yet? Sounds like a doctor should check you out

  • Bornasurvivor


    Ya I been to a rheumatologist. They said I have fibro but I don’t respond to any meds I sleep well and I have no muscle pain. Drs can’t do anything about my symptoms. I just don’t really feel like I have fibro. Do you guys have pain underneath your skin? Do you think it could be dermatology related?

  • Ace_137


    That sounds interesting, I guess try a dermatologist or Myofascial doctor because the skin is attached to the fascia which attaches to the muscle but I don’t think it’s that deep. One of those should do it. Also check for allergies and a full blood panel. I had my allergy and blood work done at a wholistic doctor bc my primary care looked at me and said I can’t just start running tests bc I need a reason. Anyway, however you get there doesn’t matter but all are worth a try. Good luck

  • Fibrogal


    Yes I have painful bumps in my upper arms and shoulders. They hurt constantly. I use Lidocaine patches, lidocaine ointment to rub in. But the pain is just awful.

  • hmmmm


    have you had any x rays done? does it feel like it's on your bones or something more like inflammation?

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