So with my anxiety, if I get too excited or happy, my body goes into overdrive and makes me almost have a panic attack. I’ve been suppressing my excitement for quite sometime, is there a way to over come this because I want to feel excitement.

Anxiety (Including GAD)


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  • edenannes


    Maybe try some grounding techniques when you feel your emotions start to spiral out of your control. Not everything works for everyone, so it's important to keep an open mind, but that's what helps me

  • Pinco


    I understand this. When I get too excited, I feel these weird nerve spasms that I've been feeling for years. When I listen to a really exciting song, my head feels numb. It sucks. I think recovery from GAD/OCD probably makes it easier. What do you mean by overdrive & how does it feel? I hope I can help more--I love the feeling of excitement & miss it too

  • Chickety_Chick


    When I mean overdrive, my stomach cramps up, I feel like I have diarrhea, and have to vomit. I also feel dizzy at times and want to hide because of the panic attack feeling.

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