Is there a benefit to getting a second Rheumatolgist opinion when medication trials are not working.

Psoriatic Arthritis

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  • Somi


    No. You could be in the group that sadly got the placebo. ❤️ when the trial is done, ask to be put on a more well known medication for your condition.

  • Somi


    I'm on humira. No problems since I've been on it.

  • LabMama


    I should have phrased differently. I’m not in an trial I’m just still trying to find the right medication that works for my symptoms and doesn’t cause a reaction. I’ve been at it for about 13 months and am currently now about to try my 5th medication because I haven’t had success. Humira was the first one that I tried.

  • mossy420


    yes some doctors know more or are more experienced than others my mother is a rheumatologist and i see a separate one outside of her but i still have her do managing of my medications since i’m a minor it’s good to have multiple opinions sometimes

  • Creaky_Zebra


    Oh yes definitely go see a different doc

  • Cowgrltraveltravel


    Yes always get a second opinion .. even the Mayo Clinic says to

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