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Hi everyone , wanted to see how everyone is doing? I have decided for myself at this time not to return to Rheumatologist. All the medications they have given me has had side effects. So just dealing with the pain and taking it one day at a time. Would love to hear from other’s.

    • verda


      Hi, I am now 56, I was 28 when diagnosed. I stopped seeing rhematologist also years back. Lived off ibuprophen, then 12 yrs ago Tramadol got me by until last summer I was told I needed both shoulders replaced. I had one done in Aug. And the other this past Jan. Doing g great. But, it was inflammation that wore my bone away. Ugh, thought I had it under control. Now seeing great Rhematologist, have to drive 2 hrs each way to have a good one. Trying to save my hips and really everything else with Humira shots. Not keen on taking, but now I see what years of nothing has done. I also have intergrative doctor. Food has also been a huge problem the last 28 yrs . If I could not eat, I would feel great all the time

      • Frustrated


        @verda So glad to hear your story and that you have found a good Rheumatologist. I have been to several and each one of them have a different opinion, that’s why I have chosen not to continue with them until I find a good one. My endocrinologist has pre crisped ozempic which she said is great for inflammation so going to try that.Inflammation is differently the culprit. Do you have much of an appetite because I don’t?

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