Has anyone ever experienced dramatic mood swings due to anxiety like things overwhelm me so bad that I just snap and get angry or cry it usually comes out directed at my husband I usually go and have a time out by myself so I don't do damage to my relationships but I feel so bad that he has to deal with this. I don't have access to a therapist at this time. so I'm hoping someone can give me advice on how to deal with and figure out coping mechanisms so I can get better and treat others better as they don't deserve it.

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  • Belugabear


    Yep! I do this all the time, I’m on a mood stabilizer that helps a lot though! Honestly though crying helps the most. I just sit in my room and let it all out and feel better after

  • Green_Goblin


    I snap at my mom bc she is my safe person, I know she won't physically react to me snapping. But after working on my mental health I have had a better handle on expressing my irritability. Sometimes I still snap, but I will take a step back, and tell her that I am not purposely trying to be mean and it is not directed towards her personally.

  • Jellibean_Lover


    YES!!!!!!! When I am anxious I am a dragon. I snap at everyone over everything. What I did was I asked my partner if they would feel comfortable helping me identify when I’m acting that way. When I’m getting snappy they’ll ask me if I’m okay, so I can stop and check in with myself. This helped me to be able to recognize it myself without their help so that now I can apologize without being prompted to do so. Next step I’m working on now is recognizing it before it happens so that I can hopefully get a better handle on things! Make sure though that your partner is willing to help you with this journey - it will be a long one and it will require a lot of patience but it is so worth it! My relationship and communication with my partner has improved overall as well. Hope this helps!

  • lizzy.123


    Being mindful is really the best advice I can give. Anytime you snap or leave the room before you do, it's important to notice the exact moment that your mood switched and ask yourself WHY? The more mindful you are of your emotions the easier it is to catch them before you snap at someone. It takes time as well. It took me a few months to really get a handle on my anger and notice the mood switch as it was happening. Communication with my husband about my mood patterns really helped as well. He notices my mood switch just as quickly as I do. Sometimes quicker. It's helped immensely.

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