I am new here, and I'm hoping I can find some answers, since none of my doctors can figure out exactly what is wrong with me. I'm experiencing pressure type headaches, almost on a daily basis, and a full feeling in my left ear. This has been going on for almost 2 months, with no answers. I've been to an ENT, and he claimed everything seemed fine- ruled out both vertigo and ear infection. I am currently seeing a neurologist who diagnosed me with occipital Neuralgia, but I'm still showing symptoms even after being put on medication. I also has a CT and MRI and nothing was found. Any ideas would be appreciated 🙏

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  • mallory916


    Yes you can still have symptoms even from being on medication. Sometimes you have to switch medications and see which one works the best for you. And sometimes the medications don't get rid of it completely. There's no cure for it not necessarily. For some people it just goes away though. I was diagnosed in February and I've had symptoms every day since Christmas last year. Try getting a nerve block. I'm going in for one soon for my 1st time

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