I've been dealing with anxiety and panic attacks my whole life but recently it seems to be getting out of control to the point where I can't manage it and I'm looking for ways to get it under control. I also like to take more control of my own life be more motivated to achieve the things I want out of life.


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  • Yuka


    Do you take any medication for the anxiety/ panic attacks?

    • LoneStar


      I just started Zoloft and I take Clonazepam when it gets really bad.

  • Mikel48


    I have had panic disorder for 28+ years. I understand how you feel. I take clonazapam also. Sometimes it’s hard just to walk outside my house. I just want you to know that mine gets out of control from time to time also. I get very isolated when it gets bad. I just want you to know that someone cares. Feel free to contact me. We can talk about it.

  • Kirky


    I'm right there with you too. I have had anxiety for about 15 years and I have been able to deal with it, but over the past several years it has gotten scary. Cervical dizziness is also what I am struggling with...With much resistance to medication, I finally had to get on Zoloft. Started at 25mg and that was fine for awhile, but I had a huge set back in October that made me have to bump up to 75mg and doc is trying to get me to 100mg. I am finding peace in tai chi/qi gong/meditation. I know it may seem cliche, but this stuff is really helping me out. Feel free to reach out if you want to chat🤙. Stay strong 🙏

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