I think exercising is as cathartic as crying, it helps me feel better when I have expelled all my stress


Anxiety (Including GAD)

acute lethargy

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  • Country_FLMama


    Exercise helped me with my anxiety and depression. But now with the major fatigue and body aches from my hashimotos, I can't really exercise unless I plan on doing nothing else for a few days.

  • InsidiousAnomaly


    I find floor, machines, swim, sports, dance exercise boring af and painful with my spinal and joint issues or ya know can't breathe due to asthma since I was born. Doesn't help that doctors have told me for couple decades that if I lost more weight my pain problems would apparently, magically disappear. When I did lose, the pain and other issues were worse. It's like when people are like meditate and it can help with such and such. I just dunno how to meditate or get it to work for me. Breathing exercises only help to a point.

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