Does anyone else struggle with making eye contact- when talking to someone you’re not familiar with?

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  • Beelzebaby


    I struggle with it with everyone

  • Karbbyxo


    I do. I get nervous. My anxiety starts. Until I know them and warm up to them I can’t look into a strangers eyes. It’s hard for me. I feel like I’m being judged.

  • jay_


    I hyperfocus and get anxious that i’m either looking at them too much or too little

  • Gigi13


    Yes😂😂😂 it helps when I tell myself that the other person is probably focusing more on telling their story than they are on my eye contact😂

  • bumblebeee


    yes, i hate making eye contact with most people. it makes me super uncomfortable and nervous.

  • Hopeful216


    Yup. I sure do.

  • HopefulHufflepuff


    I used to be better at it when I had more confidence

  • Allie8


    Yeah. I end up focusing so much on making the appropriate amount of eye contact that I can’t pay attention to what they are actually saying

  • niceshyguy


    Ohhh myyyy, yes I do. I definitely feel the anxiety already just thinking about it. Even when I do get to know the person, it can still be difficult for me.

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