Do you have a hard time making friends?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • margaretscarry


    100% its in the diagnostic criteria for a reason. Its like one of the most common symptom across the whole spectrum. Youre not alone. But its not a permenant obstacle. There are many places, like this, with many people who can empathize with you and are also looking for friends. It might be hard but its not impossible and it doesnt mean anything negative about you! Just dont give up okay? Start small by asking a conversation starter here to instigate people wanting to talk to you. You could also look up servers for discord on the site disboard for ppl like you or that share your interests. Theres even groups on facebook.

  • Parappagirl


    Yeah one of them just backstabbed me due to trust issues lmao and I'm also nervous around people so yeah I do have a very hard time

    • Smurf79


      this one chick blocked me cuz I didn’t answer her call on Facebook messenger why? I was in the bathroom

    • SixxCrows


      happened to me today. It really sucks. Backstabbing hurts

  • Dwight


    Yeah. And once everything is going great they show a nasty/problematic side of them I never knew and we eventually have a falling out. :( It always seems like they're always hiding something to make friends and when the time feels right they test the waters by saying something disgusting. I'm not sure what to do anymore.

  • Storme25



  • sea_turtle


    Yes. I have never had a close friend in my life, only "friendly acquaintances"... the kind of people that are nice to you but won't invite you anywhere or really talk to you much

    • Smurf79


      yup. People are nice to me but won’t hang out with me or talk to me much.

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