I’m experiencing a period of regression and eating is becoming super difficult. I don’t get hungry and everything is super unappealing, even ice cream and stuff! Sometimes sensory issues will be so strong that I’ll just spit out the first bite :,( any tips or similar experiences?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • StarrySystems


    You might have already tried it but I tend to go back to old same foods, like childhood stuff. Really simple things with one consistent texture and flavor. Other then that I know other autistics will take suppliments that will give you all the stuff your diet might be missing and that could be a good thing to investigate

  • Wish


    Supplements, like Starry said! When it's hard to eat, I turn to liquids, since those are easier and quicker to consume. Nutrition shakes (like Ensure), soup/broth, etc. When my sensory issues are really bad I have some more bland food that I can always return to, like rice with scrambled eggs, or ramen without the flavor packet. I hope you feel better soon ❤️ I know how hard sensory issues can make things

  • moonman


    Me and ny boyfreind both do it we find helping each other helps

  • purple_narwal


    Childhood safe foods

  • Masscrystal


    I have no tips for food issues I deal with those myself so I have no idea I like cheese so I eat that a lot but idk can’t eat an actual meal

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