How have the medications prescribed affected your overall well-being?

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)



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  • Robotic


    Mine has made 75% difference for my RA

  • NativeGypsy


    I only take 1 prescription. HCQ. I have 3 types of arthritis, Lupus & Fibro. On top of other issues. Everything they have tried me on, has been an epic fail from side effects to just not working. I changed my eating habits. Started resting and exercising more. Even when it hurts. I take herbal supplements & minerals. So far. Doing pretty good. 🙌

  • LiLi71


    When i was first diagnosed thwy put me.on methatrexate (spelling) once a week. It destroyed me. I would take it and be severely ill for 3 days actually missing work. I had to stop my fiesr doctor as that is what she insisted on. I got onto diclofenac pills and now have been on remicaid infusions for the last 5 years every 6 weeks. And it was world changing for me. Last year my insurance stopped having as a preferred med. And had me change to something else it was a 4 month nightmare until appeals got me back to the remicaid.

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