so I've got adhd that has just been feeling worse the past month. I feel like I'd like to have a smart watch to use for reminders because, as some of you will relate to, if it isn't right infront of my face I'm not gonna remember. the ones I've looked at have way more features than I want though. I don't need games, camera, music, phone call capabilities. I'd love to have something that I could enter a simple message in like laundry, dishes, call the doctor and set a timer for it to go off at a set time or day. anyone know of something like this? I realize there's likely phone apps that do this, but my problem with that is that phones also do alot of other things and if I pull my phone out to see an alarm I can shut it off and then I'll start doing other stuff like games or checking Facebook.

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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    I think garmin or fitbit might? I personally cant do alarms/reminders especially ones that come in at rhe same time daily because my brain learns to disregard them 🤷‍♀️

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