i seriously can’t tell if i’m hypomanic or just happy. i feel great, but i can also be extremely irritable. i feel a bit more narcissistic than before but maybe that’s just who i am? i’m argumentative but it doesn’t seem to affect anyone close to me to the point where they would be concerned/worried about my current mood. am i hypomanic or am i just naturally a bitter, arrogant and a narcissistic person?

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  • TheLittleBee


    I know if it were me, it would be hypomanic. I've found that when in an episode I'll be more anxious and paranoid and part of how that will show up is by me telling myself I'm bitter, arrogant, or narcissistic. (Naturally, I'm not. And I'm going to assume you aren't either! :) ) For me it also helps to look at my sleeping and eating habits, I tend to sleep and eat less when hypomanic. Sometimes we are all just cranky, or not hungry, or very happy. But seeing a lot of those pile on top of each other is a good signal you may be having an episode. Reach out to a friend and stay safe!

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