I’m working up the courage/mental energy/emotional energy to get therapy started. I’ve done therapy on and off since I was 13ish and it feels kinda humiliating in a way to still really need it, but I gotta do what will give things the best chance at improving. Right?


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  • dezismelancholy


    I feel this so hard I've been seeing therapists and Councilors on and off since I was 11 and I've been avoiding / too nervous to go back even though I really really need to I just don't have the resources rn but please don't look at it as humiliating as hard as that is (I was the same in that aspect for a long time) I'm proud of you for seeking help again though you deserve to be gentle with yourself and get the help you need to heal and grow!!

  • ShoobyDoobyDoo91


    Girl I've been going on and off since I was 5.....I'm 31 and have been in consistent therapy for 10 years now. It's not shameful to need help ❤️

  • OneDay


    I need to go, I know I need to. I want to. But I have so much on my mind, I feel overloaded. I probably won't get words out, just cry cry cry cry.

  • Lightswitch


    I believe in you! I'm 20 and kept struggling to actually start therapy and initially when I finally did start I fell off Now that I'm more committed to it (Aka my therapist can schedule appointments for me and I set reminders to yell at me 😅), it has helped a lot with getting things off my mind!

  • Mop


    Everyone needs help! Society is lame for putting shame and humiliation on needing a therapist. Booooo.

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