so I haven't been diagnosed yet- but I've been experiencing symptoms for years. mostly stomach issues and migraines since I was like 14 but about a year ago I started fainting. had to stop seeing doctors for a bit. long story. anyways my question is- anyone have a fairly normal BPM rate? like my doesn't ever get too high not like I've seen some people with POTS for example get. the highest I've measured is 127 and that's when walking to the kitchen.

Disorder of Autonomic Nervous System



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  • Lunarr


    You can have dysautonomia without having POTS - that's where I'm at! My heartrate doesn't spike enough to be a potsie but I still have debilitating symptoms like dizziness, fatigue, etc. I think the highest I've ever seen it at rest was around 90. Migraine and stomach stuff can also be dysautonomia related. I was diagnosed with orthostatic hypotension which is a less intense heartrate jump than POTS paired with low blood pressure. Have you monitored your BP before or just your heartrate? That may help explain your fainting/syncope

    • Pancakes14


      interesting! All I've seen is pots related things. But no I haven't I don't have a BP cuff, I'm trying to get one but they're all kinda pricey at the moment 😅 does your BP change or is it always low? Because everytime I go to the doctor they say it's fine. But of course that's just me sitting there for like a few minutes

      • Lunarr


        I hear you with the pricey cuff. BP fluctuates all the time, usually just a little bit in healthy people, but I've noticed some rather big changes in myself even within like 20 minutes. Depending on symptoms and activity level it might be higher or lower. Also, I'm on midodrine so my BP is actually within a normal range most of the time but I'm still dizzy even then which is kinda :/ For me, when I'm super dizzy feel-like-I'm-gonna-faint, it's actually a tossup between low and high blood pressure. Both can cause similar symptoms and I unfortunately get to experience both lol. BP at a doctor's office might be a bit higher than your usual just because it normally is for everyone from nerves, exertion, etc. It might be worth checking into or bringing up to your doctor!

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